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Living together is not easy. Which is why we require legislation. To regulate the relations between multinationals and consumers, for example. Or between European and international institutions. But also to provide an answer to such developments as the growing number of prisoners. Or people’s increased feeling of insecurity. A fascinating subject, don’t you think? In the Faculty of Law & Criminology at the VUB, you will learn more about these and other themes as well as acquire sound legal knowledge, which, in time, will allow you to leave your personal mark on our changing society. Isn’t that an amazing prospect?

Prof. dr. Wilfried Rauws, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Criminology.

A word of welcome

I wish to welcome you to the International Exchange website of the Faculty of Law and Criminology of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. One of the main objectives of our Faculty is to intensify its contacts with other Universities and Law Faculties, and to encourage their students to spend part of their study in Brussels, capital of Belgium and the enlarged European Union.

Since the academic year 2004/2005, students of some Belgian French speaking universities, who master the Dutch language, can participate in the Erasmus Belgica programme of our Faculty. They can follow courses of the regular Dutch course programme (one or two semesters).

Since the academic year 2005/2006, we offer an English law course programme for foreign exchange students (Erasmus programme). This programme takes place in the first semester of the academic year (late September - beginning of February). Foreign exchange students must have a good command of English.

Since the academic year 2007/2008, we offer an English criminology course programme for foreign incoming students (Erasmus programme). Also this programme takes place in the first semester. Students must already have a basic knowledge of criminology, meet some prerequisites and have a good command of English.

Foreign exchange students who master the Dutch language, may follow courses of our regular Bachelor and Master programmes in Dutch (law and criminology).

For more information about studying at our faculty as an exchange student, please visit our website.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels

Studying at the faculty of Law & Criminology

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The Law Science Technology & Society research unit

Law, science, technology and society and the interaction between them. That is what the LSTS research unit focuses on. The challenge? To examine to which extent the current scientific and technological developments give rise to a reassessment of the basic principles of democracy and constitutional law. The LSTS applies a multidisciplinary approach, allowing experts in such disciplines as law, criminology, sociology and ‘hard’ science to share insights in order to formulate new answers. How do you deal with such matters as the use of location data, the linking of databases, the digitisation of publications or GMOs? LSTS is working on it. 

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  • JURI  - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law (Metajuridica)
  • PREC - Private and Economic Law
  • PUBR - Public Law
    • Tax Law
    • Social Law
    • Constitutional and Administrative Law
    • Criminal Law and Procedure
    • International and European Law
  • SCRI – Criminology

Faculty of law and criminology
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Pleinlaan 2
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