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VUBToday: VUB research shows integration policy has permeated all policy levels and needs to be better coordinated

Tomorrow is International Migrants Day. Research by Ilke Adam of the Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Eve Hepburn of Edinburgh University has shown that in states with multiple policy levels, coordination of migrant integration has increasingly been shifted to both the international level (EU and international organisations) and the local level (regional and local authorities), as well as to external actors (countries of origin or transit, NGOs, private actors). While the integration of migrants has traditionally been seen as a national matter, this fragmentation of policymaking powers increases the need for coordination. Ilke Adam: “Integration, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination is not a matter of one policy level or one policy sector. Like gender equality and sustainable development, it requires intense cooperation and decisiveness.”  read more on VUB Today