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Research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is free, because our researchers are free. Free in their right to initiate, free to make their own independent choices. VUB research is initiated and financed by our researchers' community as much as possible. A bottom-up approach in our research policy is responsible for that movement. There is no a priori devision of resources based on applications, therefore the best applications over all disciplines can compete for selection. The VUB may not be the biggest university, her research departments are grand. Not only are they efficient, in contrast to the mastodonts where researchers only work executively, they offer time and space. Our centres of expertise reflect the VUB philosophy, these multidisciplinary pools of excellence are formed based on different awards on excellence level featuring internationalisation and networking as essential elements.  In a progressively globalising and international competition, the VUB has been able to profile itself using internationally recognised research focal points.

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Vice-rector Research Policy

Prof. Dr. Karin Vanderkerken

Vice-rector Research Policy
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Research policy and organisation

The research policy and organisation is managed by the department for Research and Data Management 

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Quality and quality assurance are key concepts for scientific research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Take a look at our researchers' scientific high impact publications and peak performances.

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