Summerschools at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Summer School "Clash! Brussels between the IN and OUT situation in Brussels & Europe"

Even if this is a small territory, Belgium is rich in terms of culture, community, diversity and linguistics. Also, considered as the Capital of Europe, Brussels has a particular position where all these differences can lead to conflicts at the Belgian and European levels. Due to this extreme specific situation, clashes might happen. How do the stakeholders deal with? What are the outcomes? For more information and registration, visit the following webpage:

Course dates: 18.07.2016 - 22.07.2016
Registration deadline: 15 May 2016 >> extended registration deadline for EEA citizens: Thursday 16 June 2016.
Please note that the Summer School will only be activated if a minimum number of applicants has been reached. 

Summer School "Biotech in Brussels: where Biology meets Technology"

Are you a Bachelor student and do you already have some background in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry or Biomedical Sciences? Are you fascinated by the biochemical unity that underlies the world’s biological diversity? Would you like to learn how biotechnological research leads to applications that solve societal challenges? Come to Brussels and find out where biology meets technology at the ‘VUB Summer School – Biotech in Brussels’. Find more information on the programme and registration on

Course dates: 25.07.2016 - 29.07.2016
Registration deadline: 15 May 2016

WATER Workshop on Advanced Techniques and Experimental Research

W.A.T.E.R.: Workshop on Advanced measurement Techniques and Experimental Research is a summer school organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( ) and Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Committee (EMI) of IAHR ( ) in collaboration with Flanders Marine Institute ( ) and Flanders Hydraulics Research ( ).

This summer school is focused on experimental methods applied in different hydraulics fields. It combines theoretical sessions and hands-on measurement exercises both in the laboratory and in the field.

Find more information about the program and registration on:

Dutch summer-course for German speaking students

The course is designed as preparation for German students who want to apply for a Bachelor study program at the VUB, who have to be able to demonstrate Dutch language skills at a B2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It is intended for students who have no, or very little, previous knowledge of Dutch. For more information and registration please visit

Course dates: 16.08.2016 – 16.09.2016 
Registration deadline: 15 July 2016

1st European Data Protection Law Summer School: Getting to grips with the GDPR

The Brussels Privacy Hub is organising the 1st European Data Protection Law Summer School, an innovative course onprivacy and personal data protection law at the heart of Europe. The programme will explore privacy legal and institutional challenges in the European Union, and provide participants with in-depth examination of the upcomingGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other EU data protection instruments - as well as global and, more specifically, transatlantic issues. For more information on the programme, the summer school faculty members and registration please see:

Course dates: 4-8 July 2016 

Registration Deadline: 

  • Early bird registration: 31 May 2016. 
  • Standard registration:  17 June 2016.

Summer School on European Policy-Making

Have you ever wondered just how decisions are made and how do ideas turn into policies and law in the European Union? Do you have a background in (international) politics and/or (European) law? Then come to the heart of Europe to study the theory of the decision-making process, to visit the European institutions and to be involved – together with other students from all over the world – in simulation exercises. This summer course is jointly organised by the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the University of Vienna. Read more on the IES-website.

Course dates: 04.07.2016 – 15.07.2016 
Registration deadline: 1 May 2016

Brussels programme on European Foreign Policy

The programme focuses on the contemporary security challenges facing Europe, and on how the EU and Europe's main powers are adapting to such challenges. The programme aims to provide an understanding of the EU as an actor in the foreign, security and defence policy fields. The programme combines intensive lectures with internship positions at Brussels-based organisations, plus study visits to key institutions, such as the EU and NATO. This summer course is organised by the Institute for European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with the University of Southern California as a partner. Read more on the IES-website.

Course dates: 30.05.2016 – 01.07.2016 
Registration deadline: 31 March 2016

BEST Summer Course

Throughout the year BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) organises different activities where students from member universities get the opportunity to increase their international experience, establish contacts, improve their English and have fun. Each BEST Course is attended by 20-30 students of engineering like you, who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from day-to day school life!

Vesalius College Summer Programme

Situated in Brussels, “The Capital of Europe,” Vesalius College offers students a unique summer experience. Lasting just six weeks, the Summer Session gives students a focused academic programme and the opportunity to experience and explore the best of European culture and travel. Read more on the Vesalius-website.

Course dates: 23.05.2016 – 08.07.2016 

Summer School "Chocolate, the sweet Belgian art"

>> Please note that the Summer School "the Body: from the Head to the Toe" is not available anymore.

Chocolate is one of Belgian specialties amongst many others and also the most popular! Discover this yummy programme through various and different aspects – you will be also surprised how significant the impact of chocolate is on our everyday life. More information about the programme and registration on the VUB webpage:

Course dates: 11.07.2016 - 15.07.2016
Registration deadline: 15 May 2016

Please note that the Summer School will only be activated if a minimum number of applicants has been reached. 

Summer School "the Body: from the Head to the Toe"

>> Please note that the Summer School "the Body: from the Head to the Toe" is not available anymore.

Body and Health will have no secret for you thanks to our programme. As a matter of fact, Vrije Universiteit Brussel has a strong expertise on research about health and body.

  • How the body is perceived in and by society: case of euthanasia
  • Fatigue and influence of several factors and effects
  • Beauty and Impact on our perception
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Being physically (in)active and consequences

You will find more information and registration on

Course dates: 11.07.2016 - 15.07.2016
Registration deadline: 15 May 2016